Parker Knoll Sofas & Chairs

Parker Knoll sofas are a stunning reflection of quality British manufacturing and timeless design. These high-quality sofas and chairs are a product of detailed craftsmanship and innovation for over 150 years.

Handmade in Nottinghamshire, Parker Knoll furniture is crafted with extraordinary attention to detail. All Parker Knoll recliners, sofas and chairs are fully customisable, including lumbar support, height adjustment and bespoke seat positioning.

Frank Knighton is very proud to have been named a Parker Knoll Centre of Excellence. The incredible range we have on offer, including the new Parker Knoll Maison range, is a reflection of this partnership.


Parker Knoll Sofas & Chairs

Why choose a Parker Knoll sofa?

Hand crafted in Nottinghamshire, Parker Knoll sofas, chairs and recliners are a stunning reflection of quality British manufacturing and timeless design. Each Parker Knoll sofa or suite is characterised by eye-catching design, attention to detail, and exceptional comfort.

Parker Knoll offers the very best of British quality and design, with a range of beautiful fabrics and leathers to choose from.

Parker Knoll Michigan

Frank Knighton is proud to stock the unique Parker Knoll Michigan range of sofas and suites, featuring cool colours, clean lines and luxurious finishes, in addition to supreme comfort. The range has redefined reclining, using the latest ergonomic technology and engineering to deliver a remarkable experience.

The Parker Knoll Evolution range combines striking modern design with true comfort and absolute relaxation. It is a unique reimagining of the recliner that you must see to truly appreciate.