Recliner Chairs & Sofas

Is there anything more relaxing than a recliner chair? If there is, we aren’t sure we believe you.

Kick back and experience unrivalled comfort and relaxation with our unbelievable selection of recliner sofas and chairs from some of the world’s leading brands, including the iconic La-Z-Boy and Parker Knoll.

Our bespoke range includes electric recliner chairs with great customisation options. The leather recliner chairs listed come with four different grades of leather to choose from too.

If you need help finding the recliner sofa for you, try our sofa buying guide or visit us at our showrooms in Ilkeston, Derby or Nottingham.

Look out for our frequent clearance recliner sales and pick up the same luxury comfort at hugely discounted prices.

G Plan Jackson - **Save 60%!**

G Plan Jackson - **Save 60%!**

Was: £4,878
Now: £1,995

Recliner Chairs & Sofas FAQs

Seating doesn’t get any more welcoming and comfortable than a high-quality recliner. Frank Knighton offers bespoke, made-to-measure reclining sofas, chairs and suites, meticulously designed and constructed to the highest possible standards.

Recliners are more than just the most comfortable seating imaginable, they are also superb for helping relieve stress, soothing back and shoulder pain by reducing pressure points, and they are also great for aiding circulation when you spend a lot of time seated. By having your feet elevated, you can prevent swollen joints and other possible issues.

Recliners can benefit both the old and the young and are a wonderful seating option for the whole family – you may just have to fight over who gets the seat!

With effortless operation, including electric reclining technology, you can watch TV, eat, sleep or just relax with maximum comfort and minimum effort.

Our incredible range of recliners comes with both electric and manual reclining mechanisms. Our manual recliners, such as the stunning ROM Bellevue are a user friendly and great value option for those who do not require electrical assistance. Alternatively, we have an amazing selection of hi-tech electric recliners which take care of all recliner adjustments for you.

Many of our finest recliner sofas and chairs come with variable recliner settings, such as the incredible La-Z-Boy Zara, available with 3 seats, 2 seats or as a single chair. You can choose between a static model, a manual recliner or a power recliner with touch sensor operation.

Every single recliner we sell at Frank Knighton is manufactured for maximum quality and comfort, and we believe we have the finest selection of recliners available in the UK.

Our stunning range includes exquisite models from La-Z-BoyParker Knoll and G Plan.

In addition to our big brand recliner sofas and chairs, we also stock an exceptional range of sophisticated handmade recliners from Frank Knighton. The Frank Knighton brand is synonymous with quality, excellence and durability.

Most of our recliners are available in sumptuous leather or warm and welcoming fabric, with a wide assortment of colours and textures available too.