Whitemeadow Furniture

Thanks to their simple and effective philosophy, Whitemeadow furniture has long been one of Britain’s most trusted brands.

This approach is simple: skilled craftsmen taking pride in creating only the highest quality tailored products, and putting the customer first every time. As a result, Whitemeadow sofas are among the finest available, with superb build quality, eye catching design, and a unique story behind each carefully realised product.

Frank Knighton are proud to stock an exciting range of beautifully designed Whitemeadow furniture at affordable prices, including popular suites such as Metro, Andorra and Lisbon.

Whitemeadow Furniture

Why choose Whitemeadow Furniture?

Whitemeadow furniture has been perfected over the years through skilled craft, and pride in building tailored, high quality products that last. A leading British brand, Whitemeadow is one of the most trusted and respected names in the whole industry, and it’s clear to see why. 

Whitemeadow sofas and suites change with the times, meeting ever changing customer demands and expectations, but the core values of the brand have never changed.

  • Variety of style

  • Diversity of product options

  • Opulent fabrics

  • Comfort tailored for you

  • Attention to detail

Whitemeadow Sofas – Comfort crafted for you

Whitemeadow has a wealth of experience and understanding in what materials work best for a particular sofa. Whether it’s the difference between soft fibre, luxury feathers and foam, or realising the perfect shape for comfort, Whitemeadow knows how to craft comfort for you.