Fabric Sofas

Looking for a new fabric sofa? If so, you’re in the right place!

Take a look at our gorgeous range of fabric sofas for sale below, ranging from large to small, single to duel, and electric to manual, with lots of customisation options available.

If you need help finding the right fabric sofa for you, try our sofa buying guide or visit us at our showrooms in Ilkeston, Derby or Nottingham.

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Fabric Sofas FAQs

Fabric sofas cover a huge range of materials and offer an excellent range of benefits, with plenty of variety available too. The feel of a fabric sofa depends largely on the material itself but, generally speaking, they are more comfortablesofter and warmer than leather. Leather seats can also become hot and sticky in the summer, while no such problem exists for fabric.

Fabric is also more resistant to scratches, so pet owners should definitely consider it. Fabric sofas can be stained if spillages occur; however, most fabric sofas are treated with a stain resistant finish to remove this potential headache.

Colour variety is another great advantage – there is an almost limitless variety of colours and patterns to choose from with fabric. Whether you want your sofa to be a loud statement, or subtle and calming presence in a room, a fabric sofa can deliver this.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, fabric sofas are almost always lower priced than leather counterparts.

At Frank Knighton, we are not only experts in upholstering and constructing the highest quality fabric sofas in the market; we will also help you look after it too. Our in-depth sofa maintenance and cleaning guide is our free resource to help keep your beautiful fabric and leather sofas healthy, comfortable and stunning to look at for longer.

Frank Knighton stocks some of the most well-loved and reputable sofa and suite brands in the world, so you know quality is paramount in our selection.

Our stunning range includes exquisite models from La-Z-Boy, Parker Knoll and G Plan.

The fabric sofas we sell are made to measure, with many available in leather too.

In addition to our big brand sofas, we also stock an exceptional range of luxurious and stylish handmade fabric sofas under our own brand. The Frank Knighton brand is synonymous with quality, excellence and durability.