Alstons Sofas and Furniture

With a rich history spanning over 60 years, Alstons have built a proud heritage and flawless reputation for furniture design, build quality and comfort.

Alstons sofas are renowned for their versatility and longevity; this is because Alstons believes that the sofa is the centrepiece of the home for families, friends and individuals alike. Alstons furniture is furniture for life. 

As Alstons sofa stockists, Frank Knighton is pleased to offer a fully customisable and bespoke range of the finest Alstons sofas, sofa beds, chairs, and more. We will make sure you find the perfect product at the right price, helping you invest in quality and comfort for years to come.

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Alstons Sofas and Furniture

Historic British furniture brand

Alstons was founded in 1860 when two brothers, William and Ambrose Alston, opened their first furniture shop crafting high quality cabinets. In 1950, Leslie Alston expanded the business with an upholstery workshop, and over the next few decades under Alan’s leadership, Alstons established itself as a major producer of well-engineered upholstery.

The business continues to thrive to this day with the very best British-made furniture and service.

Why choose an Alstons sofa?

Alstons sofas continue to embody the same values and ethos created by the Alstons family:

  • Excellent quality

  • British made products

  • Impeccable customer service

Alstons have committed throughout their history to producing great looking, comfortable, affordable and versatile upholstery, sofas, suites and more. Frank Knighton is proud to be an Alstons stockist.

Environmentally friendly Alstons sofas

Alstons place a high priority on ensuring their manufacturing process is as eco-friendly as possible. This means recycling all cardboard and plastics used in the delivery and supply of manufacturing materials. It also means recycling all wood waste produced by their wood mills.

More recently, Alstons have made their manufacturing greener and more efficient through CO2 emissions reduction and the installation of solar panels at their workshops.