Hjort Knudsen Sofas & Chairs

Hjort Knudsen is one of the biggest suppliers of upholstered sofas and chairs for furniture stores in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, with sales offices in all three countries. Hjort Knudsen chairs are also sold in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland.

The company has an extensive range of both chairs and sofas, which can be combined. The product range spans the traditional to the contemporary, and all products are available in both fabric and leather. In addition to upholstered furniture, Hjort Knudsen also makes wooden furniture.

Our factories in Europe, which have over 2,000 employees, are 100% owned by Hjort Knudsen.The company also has its own distribution department, with 49 lorries with 117m3 cargo capacity, to ensure fast, effective store deliveries.

Hjort Knudsen A/S is a Danish family-owned furniture manufacturer, founded in 1973 by Ina and Arne Hjort Knudsen. Since 2000 the company’s ownership and management has been in the hands of the next generation of Ellen and Klaus Hjort Knudsen.

The head office is based in West Jutland near Billund.

Hjort Knudsen Sofas & Chairs