ROM Sofas

Classic designs with an exciting contemporary twist, ROM sofas offer you true individuality at a great price. 

ROM furniture is totally personalised down to the finest details to give you an experience that feels uniquely special and will stand the test of time.

The excellent Frank Knighton range of ROM furniture includes recliners, luxury sofas, corner groups and full suites, each with full customisation options just for you.

Get started discovering your own personal ROM sofa or chair from the selection below.

ROM Sofas

Why choose a ROM sofa?

ROM was founded in the heart of Belgium in 1961 and has been consistently modernising in style and trends ever since. By embracing new technology and adapting for the needs and tastes of their wide customer base, ROM has established itself as one of the most loved and trusted sofa brands in the whole of Europe.

ROM is defined by passion, creativity and unwavering commitment to excellence, and has done for over 50 years.

ROM Inspiration

ROM sofas and suites are personalised down to the very last detail. By embracing and celebrating individuality, ROM delivers a uniquely comfortable experience, with endless configuration and size options. This means your ROM sofa will truly be yours, and yours alone. 

Embrace your individual style and experience ROM sofas for yourself by visiting one of the Frank Knighton showrooms in Derby, Ilkeston or Nottingham today.