G Plan Sofas & Furniture

G Plan sofas and furniture are well known, well-loved and well worth it - with over 100 years of history. Their furniture comes in a range of exquisite designs and materials, including fabric and leather.

Frank Knighton takes pride in being G Plan stockist, with sofas and chairs which are lovingly designed to deliver lasting quality and comfort. The attention to detail helps make G Plan one of the UK’s largest and most loved sofa manufacturers. We stock all the bestselling G Plan suites including Kingsbury and Seattle.

All G Plan sofas and chairs are fully customisable, including lumbar support, height adjustment and bespoke seat positioning.

Look out for our frequent G Plan clearance sales and pick up the same luxury comfort at hugely discounted prices.


G Plan Sofas & Furniture

The G Plan story

G Plan were founded by Ebenezer Gomme in 1898, who crafted beautiful furniture from his workshop. The business expanded under the leadership of his grandson Donald, who launched the G Plan brand in 1953 selling sofas without matching chairs.

G Plan still strives to produce the same iconic furniture which has stood the test of time throughout the 20th century.

Why choose G Plan furniture?

Over 60 years, G Plan has become an iconic UK furniture brand, with an excellent reputation for delivering genuine comfort, style and quality in all sofas, suites and chairs.

All G Plan sofas and chairs are crafted in the UK, using only the best fabrics and materials, including premium leathers. They are also among the most ergonomically efficient sofas and suites of any in the UK, and are suitable for any home, lifestyle or design taste. 

Signature comfort with a G Plan sofa

Every piece of G Plan Furniture is manufactured with G Plan’s signature comfort approach, using the finest materials and tailoring techniques to create products of remarkable comfort and style. 

This approach has earned G Plan sofas many awards for quality and comfort, as well as a reputation for exceptional ergonomics. Frank Knighton is proud to be a UK G Plan stockist of such a well known, well trusted and well-loved brand.