Sofa Beds

Make super-efficient use of space and money with our fantastic range of sofa beds.

Quality sofa beds are available in both in fabric and leather, with full suite options also available. Start your search for your ideal sofa bed with Frank Knighton today.

If you need help finding the right sofa bed for you, why not visit us at our showrooms in Ilkeston, Derby or Nottingham.

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Sofa Beds FAQs

Sofa beds are the perfect choice for houses with limited space, with many performing multiple functions, including smart storage.

Thanks to our range of compact and luxury sofa beds, you don’t need to compromise on comfort as our sofa beds are all carefully and lovingly crafted by some of the most respected brands and manufacturers.

If you have fairly regular guests who may stop over, but do not have sufficient space to dedicate a whole bedroom for them, a sofa bed is a smart and functional choice. Our sofa beds are indistinguishable from regular sofas too, so you do not need to compromise comfort or appearance for functionality. They come in a stunning range of colours, designs and materials, so they are as beautiful as they are practical.

If you have items requiring storage, but don’t want to take up additional space with shelves, cupboards or chests, many sofa beds also double up as smart storage containers.

You will be pleased to know that sofa beds are also simple and very easy to keep clean, healthy and comfortable for a long time. For all the information you need on this, take a look at our in-depth sofa maintenance and cleaning guide. This guide covers both leather and fabric sofas, and includes stain removal, regular light cleaning, and deeper cleans which are not required as often, but are equally as important.

Long term quality and comfort are our priorities at Frank Knighton. To ensure this, we work with some of the world’s most esteemed sofa brands. All our sofa beds are of the highest quality, and we believe we have the best choice available.

Our stunning range includes beautiful leather sofas from Alstons, ROM and more.

We sell leather sofa beds that are manufactured to the very highest standards, with many models available in fabric too. Our sofa beds can be made to measure to fit your personal preferences.

In addition to our big brand sofa beds, we also stock an exceptional range of sophisticated handmade sofa beds from Frank Knighton. The Frank Knighton brand is synonymous with quality, excellence and durability.