Corner Groups

A corner sofa offers maximum comfort and is a truly striking addition to any room.

Corner sofas come in a wide variety of types, each with their own unique advantages. A leather corner sofa can inject a premium and luxury aura into any room, while a fabric corner sofa offers family friendly cosiness, often at a lower price.

Whatever corner sofa you are looking for, Frank Knighton is here to help, with a range of top brands and customisation options available. So why not get started now?

If you need help finding the right corner group sofa for you, try our sofa buying guide.

Whitemeadow Strata

Whitemeadow Strata

Was: £2,231
Now: £1,785
Now sold
Whitemeadow Strata  - Save 40%

Whitemeadow Strata - Save 40%

Was: £3,816
Now: £2,295
Whitemeadow Lisbon

Whitemeadow Lisbon

Was: £1,091
Now: £873
Whitemeadow Metro

Whitemeadow Metro

Was: £2,028
Now: £1,622

Why choose a corner group sofa?

A corner sofa is the perfect way to accommodate the whole family comfortably without anyone being squashed in. As they are larger by design than most other sofas, they do require more space to fit into a living room. However, they also make rooms look bigger than they are – this is because a corner sofa usually means fewer separate chairs are needed. It can also be placed on the perimeter of the room, leaving a nice open space to enjoy.

Corner sofas are excellent for social occasions and family gatherings, as most can fit between 6 and 8 people quite comfortably, depending on size. Their size also makes them perfect for stretching out and relaxing when you’re on your own, and they are even useful if you need additional sleeping space for a guest.

Visually, corner group sofas are a stunning centrepiece. They are as great to look at as they are to sit in.

Looking after your corner group sofa

A corner group sofa is a wise investment and will last for a very long time – you can extend its lifespan even further with some simple maintenance and care. At Frank Knighton, we are passionate about sofas and suites, from their careful construction to their maintenance. If you want any assistance in understanding the best ways to look after your corner sofa, try our in-depth sofa cleaning and maintenance guide.

Corner group sofa brands

All our corner sofas are carefully manufactured with care and expertise for maximum quality and comfort, and we believe we have the finest selection available in the UK.

Our stunning range includes incredible corner group sofas from G Plan, La-Z-Boy, Parker Knoll, Natuzzi Editions, ROM and Whitemeadow.

If living space is at a premium, we have a superb range of small corner sofas too, while those with an abundance of space can enjoy one of our grand and large corner sofas at an excellent price.

We sell corner group sofas that are made to measure to the very highest standards, with many models available in both leather and fabric.