Natuzzi Editions

Experience complete satisfaction with Natuzzi Editions, bespoke furniture designed to provide #ABSOLUTECOMFORT.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, award-winning Natuzzi leather sofas, furniture, and more are carefully crafted to offer a uniquely relaxing experience for each person.

Your Natuzzi sofa is manufactured using renewable energy sources, and undergoes meticulous quality tests to guarantee the best possible experience, even after many years of use.

Thanks to the extensive Frank Knighton range, this unique Natuzzi furniture can also be experienced here in the UK, with customised designs, colours and covers.

Natuzzi Editions

Why choose Natuzzi Editions?

Natuzzi Editions has been the name of comfort since 1959. Each Natuzzi Editions model is a stunning example of authentic Italian design.

Each Natuzzi sofa is hand-crafted by dedicated and passionate craftspeople in the Natuzzi factories, where the perfect balance is struck between true human skill and craft, and the latest manufacturing technology.

In addition to this, all Natuzzi Editions sofas are carefully tested for load, stability, friction, resistance to wear, damage and light. The Natuzzi Editions quality control is second to none, so you can rest assured your sofa will be as dependable as it is beautiful.

Experience #AbsoluteComfort

Natuzzi Editions sofas are designed to deliver #AbsoluteComfort. This means staying at the very cutting edge of ergonomic engineering, staying at the very forefront of international fashion and furnishing trends, and understanding and exploring emerging lifestyles.

The result of this knowledge and understanding is a sofa range that is uniquely satisfying in both its look and feel. Experience #AbsoluteComfort yourself by visiting your nearest Frank Knighton showroom today.