Summer Decoration Ideas


Summer is coming!

It’s almost time to dust off your shorts, skirts and sunglasses and prepare to do some serious summer relaxing! With the UK having just enjoyed the hottest June in 40 years, why not check-out these summery decoration ideas to get you in the mood!

Popular Poppies

Block printed poppies are a great way to liven up your lounge. Their bright and happy colours are a brilliant way to wake up your summery spirit and say goodbye to winter. You can make them yourself using block shapes and textile paint if you are feeling creative. Keep an eye out for these warm wonders as they’re massive this year!

Nautical Theme

Love spending time near the ocean? Bring the water to your home this summer with a summery sailor beach-house theme. Long stripes of bright colour throughout canvas drop cloth or pillow casings are a good way to emulate a beach house/yacht appeal.
If you want to have a go yourself, simply use painters tape and the fabric paints of your colour choices to paint evenly spaced sequences of stripes on your canvas pillow casings and cloth (we recommend buying new cheap ones unless you are confident)

Burning Summer Light

Make the most out of every drop of summer day with some beautiful flower-decorated candle sticks!
To make these, simply use some string to carefully tie your flower stems to their new candle stick holder counterparts.

We recommend modern glass holders over traditional, and be careful not to set the flower on fire!

Summer In a Nutshell… Sorry, Seashell!

A trendy summer idea is cutting a floral arrangement for a large seashell! You can buy seashells, but we recommend a trip to the beach – that way you get a memory and a day out with it!
The flowers go into the seashell and the seashell can sit on the side or in a large candle holder or raised plate – perfect for that beach look all Summer long!

Outdoor Pillows

Head out and grab some inexpensive vinyl pillows! There’s something beautifully summery about colourful summer cushions waiting outside to meet you for a summer cocktail (or mocktail) - without the threat of being rained on… we’re getting wistful just thinking about it…
There you have it, our five favourite decoration ideas for summer. Got a great summer suggestion? Let us know in the comments!