Suite Showcase: Alstons Lowry


Fashionable, indulgent & bursting with style!

Alstons is a name well known for quality and comfort, and the Lowry collection exudes both of these features with ease! Elegant and compact, this suite has been designed to tick both the classic and contemporary boxes – not a mean feat, but done superbly well by Alstons master designers!

The Alstons Collection

This is a collection that has been formed to last the test of time and as such comprises of 6 pieces that can be bought separately or together to complete the look.

•    Grand Sofa
•    Large Sofa
•    Small Sofa
•    Snuggler Chair
•    Chair
•    Accent Chair
•    Storage Footstool

All of these are available in exclusive fabrics that just have luxury written all over them, especially if you opt for a smooth velvet for that added comfort!

As this is a compact suite, it's extremely versatile and will be equally as home in a smaller living area as it will in a larger space next to a roaring fire or an open window. The tailored pipework and scroll arms give it that little extra touch of elegance that finishes the overall look off, and the handy storage footstool is great for keeping essential objects safe!