September update on delivery dates


“The success of our business has always been built on outstanding customer service. And a key part of that is our honest, straightforward approach – we never over-promise or under-deliver.

That’s why we believe it’s so important to keep you updated on the latest developments currently impacting the retail supply chain – and, most importantly, how they might affect your existing and future orders.

All retailers, including furniture businesses like ourselves, are now coping with supply chain issues beyond their control. Whether it’s soft drinks, bikes, clothes or even this year’s Christmas presents, the story is similar.

Things are already noticeably different from 2020 – because Covid restrictions have affected cargo-handling capacity of ports at the same time that demand has significantly increased.

So what does mean for Frank Knighton? It means our overseas orders aren’t being shipped as quickly as usual (and the well-publicised lack of HGV drivers is also affecting all delivery schedules). It also means furniture manufacturers (British and overseas) are having problems sourcing raw materials such as fabrics and mechanisms.

However, not all sofa orders will be affected and this remains a fast-changing situation. The average delay period is approximately 4-6 weeks.

Of course, we’re doing everything we can to minimise any potential delays. But these are obviously unprecedented circumstances – so our main priority is maintaining an honest and open dialogue with everyone.

As we hoped, the vast majority of our wonderful customers understand these temporary difficulties – and we’ve really appreciated their patience.

Despite all the challenges, I can personally assure every customer that they’ll receive their beautiful new sofa as soon as possible. All we ask for is a little understanding. And we’ll continue to keep everyone updated in the meantime.”

(Richard Knighton, September 10th 2021)