ROM Make a Splash at Brussels and Paris Trade Fairs


We are proud stockists of ROM sofas and are pleased to see their latest Signature range has been extremely well received at the Brussels and Paris trade fairs! Summarising clear and horizontal lines, the Signature range is part of the 20cm concept and was launched at the Brussels fair and has been designed so each piece can be tailored to customer’s needs!

Here in our showrooms we see nothing but praise for the ROM lines we stock, including the Rom Parana collection. These are also part of ROM’s 20cm concept and let you choose exactly how big or small you want the pieces to be, with additional options including recliners and seat covers to add that extra personal touch!

ROM are next exhibiting at the Salon Du Meuble in Brussels from 5-8th November, 2017! For more information on the ROM lines we stock and our showrooms you can visit to see these pieces, please give us a call on 01159 329590.