ROM: Furniture adapted to your needs, whatever they might be


We are proud stockists of ROM furniture, and rightfully so, as the company has been making specialist furniture adapted to customers’ needs now for over 50 years.

Founded in 1961 in Eupen (Belgium) by a husband and wife team, the ROM brand has always placed high importance on using modern technology to build products adapted for customer needs and tastes. Known for their upholstered designs and new concepts, the core ROM lines (including the Diana, Levana and Jupiter collections) all offer a range of styles and sizes to suit any type of room and existing décor. All ROM collections are available in width increments of 20cm; this concept means that each suite can be individually built to specific requirements.

The history of ROM is quite a diverse one, as the company originally started off by selling small household items such as laundry baskets. Knowing this couldn’t sustain them forever, the couple decided to branch out into the furniture trade and haven’t looked back since. Now run by Paul Rom, son of the original founders, ROM employs over 900 people spread across 4 production sites and is well known internationally as a reliable partner in the sector.

What sets ROM apart?

ROM have always made it clear their USPs are:

Modern/Latest Technology

They ensure their product ranges are kept up to date with modern technology and fittings to offer an ideal comfort experience to all customers.

ROM's Vision

ROM pride themselves on their vision to produce suites that support sellers; their 20cm and precise 3D configuration is designed to facilitate the end-customer’s final purchasing decision.

Variety of Finishes and Upholstery

ROM may not have the largest number of suites but their core lines are all available in a huge range of finishes and upholstery, custom built to ensure every customer can buy their dream sofa!

Do you own a ROM sofa, or are you interested in buying one? We have a wide range available at all 3 of our showrooms; visit our website for more info or give us a call on 01159 329590.