Living Room Trends for 2018

Sofa shown is the Parker Knoll Henley

2017 has been an exciting year for furniture and décor; unusual textures, bold colours and jewelled tones/appliques have all been big this year, as well as bronze or purple cushions and throws for that extra touch of pizzazz! So, what may 2018 have in store….?

Gold & Brass

Bronze is still popular but we’re seeing a reintroduction of gold and bronze detailing, especially for accessories such as vases, photo frames and light fittings. Gold has never really been “out of style”, but the combination with brass is an interesting one; a shiny and bright look that works to bring out the splendour of our homes.

Rich Materials

Plush materials are making their return; rich velvet, dark wood & chenille are all coming back bigger and better than ever! Some say that these are only suited to larger rooms with lighter décor but we think there’s always a place for velvet, especially as it comes in such a range of colours.

Earthy Colours

If plush velvets aren’t your thing, then the trend for light browns and rusty reds will bring you back to earth; tones of sienna, tan and terracotta are set to be popular next year, complemented with deep russet reds and oranges. This palette truly brings Autumn into your home, so great for any fall fans!


If earth isn’t your thing, then monochrome is also set to make a comeback. The start contrast between black and white gives any space a clear feel, especially when teamed with a leather sofa for that chic, modern look. It’s important not to overdo it – too much can look quite dazzling and make your brain want to leave the room as your visual senses become overloaded. Knowing where and when to use monochrome is key to success!

Oversized Seating

2018 looks set to be the year for those who like to spread out – oversized furniture is extremely popular and set to be more so next year. Whilst it’s not possible in all spaces, an oversized chair or sofa is lovely to relax on at the end of the day, especially with big pillow cushions and a throw.

Photo Mosaics

People have hung photos and frames on their walls for centuries, and 2018 looks set to continue this trend, especially for arty canvases and photo mosaics of loved ones. Of course, as with any wall hangings, placement is key – you want to try and stick with set groupings or one big frame rather than scattering them whenever your eye falls. Set groupings draw the eye whilst giving the other room accessories, wallpaper and paint a chance to shine.

Got a favourite trend to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!