Different Types of Sofa Springs


The sofa spring. An understated yet important development in the evolution of luxury. It is present in chairs and sofas large and small, and of all shapes and sizes. Located in the base and sometimes the back of your sofa or chair, these important springs keep you lifted on cloud 9 and have done for nearly as long as luxury sofas have been around!

Springs pretty much all differ in their specifications/dimensions. Some will be thicker/longer/shorter/thinner than others. This is because springs are meant for different jobs! Some are intended for sofas and others for chairs.

Sofa Spring Shapes and Sizes

The cylindrical spring - Surprisingly the shape of a spring is not always the typical ‘cylinder’ shape, although this is very commonly used. Sofa springs are often ‘cone’ shaped too.

The cone spring - Cone shaped springs are the most desirable as they offer more degrees of motion for up/down and side to side movements, although this does result in a heftier price tag for the furniture.

The sinuous spring - There is a third and much harder spring type, the sinuous spring. If you have ever assembled a ‘fold out’ bed, you will likely recognise these springs. They are strips of wire which are bent in a continuous zig-zag shape across the frame. They are much more hard wearing, but are also often less comfortable and creaky, especially they are used with, and rub on, a metal frame.

All three styles of spring are utilised in the design and creation of modern day sofas, and sometimes used together to achieve specially tailored comfort.

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