Different types of sofa cushions


When we see a sofa with lovely soft cushions, it’s almost an automatic response to sink down and say “ahhhhh”. However, the way you sit and relax is dictated in part by the type of cushions you have on your sofa or chair; different types are designed to support you in different ways.

Moulded Foam cushions

Cushions made from moulded foam are quite firm and don’t require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking bright. The foam inner is encased in a range of materials including Dacron and duck feather, and will start out very firm before softening after use. The different casings give different additional levels of softness and durability, depending on what you choose.

This type of cushion is great for those who need back or body support and prefer to sit quite upright – we know that bookworms love these cushions as they find the support given during longer periods of sitting is great.

Hollowfill Fibre cushions

Hollowfill fibre cushions are typically soft and squashy, and are perfect for using as a pillow for a cheeky sofa nap or just when you need extra cushioning. You may see your imprint in them when you get up, as they take on the shape they are pressed into.

These cushions will require regular plumping up and turning, but do have a great comfort factor!

Feather cushions

Feather cushions can be made to order so you can specify whether you want a soft or firm seating experience from the outset. People do tend to find these softer than other options as the feathers become impacted during use.

Those who have softer feather cushions will need to plump them up more often than those filled to the seams. Most feather cushions do have inner compartments to segregate the feathers and stop them clumping in any one area.

Whichever type of cushion floats your boat, here at Frank Knighton we take pride in our customer service and bespoke options; if you’re interested in any of the suites we have available, contact us today to talk through your options.